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EVS Global in Bansko, Bulgaria

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EVS Global in Bansko, Bulgaria

EVS, for those who don’t know, means European Voluntary Service, and it aims to develop the volunteers’ skills through daily activities, workshops and trainings offered for kids, youngsters, youth, adults and elder people with or without disabilities, or with refugees; It depends on the project itself.

It was a pleasure to represent MasterPeace Morocco in this Contact Seminar which was organized by Alternativi International between May 15th-20th in Bansko, Bulgaria.  It was exceptional when I met many inspiring & so-professional people from Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, and Spain, and it was an opportunity for Moroccans to culturally and professionally get in touch with the other countries by creating partnerships, or participating in exchange programs and trainings locally or abroad, or volunteering in one of their projects which can be long/short term. I consider the EVS as a lifetime experience, because it can improve and show you the real YOU, how open you are, how motivated and talented you are.

EVS Global was an event to share MasterPeace Morocco’s beautiful success and hear the other wonderful stories from whom who have been volunteers or sent/hosted volunteers. It has approached the challenges during EVS, tools and best practices to implement a better project, EVS projects development and more.

Despite my very late arrival, i didn’t face any challenge to get engaged with group very quickly since i’m sociable person, and not even half a day, i found myself dancing and singing with everyone and enjoying the bulgarian cultural evening.

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