Who Can Be a Leader?

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Who Can Be a Leader?

Look at people you see every day, do you see leaders? Are you yourself a leader? Who can be a leader? What is a leader? Is leadership a gift or a skill? Many questions are to be asked in this regard.

In reality, leadership is neither an easy task nor an impossible one. It involves caring, guiding, questioning, believing in your team, consulting and being patient. Leadership includes many skills and undergoes many obstacles. It is not easy to call someone a leader as it is not easy to be a leader.

During the last decades, human beings have faced many big events and had many leaders. But can we say that “Gandhi”, for example, was a leader in the same sense that “Hitler” or “Bush” was? Being a leader involves wisdom, a quality that not all leaders across years had. Leadership is an innate ability to motivate, influence and lead people towards a common goal or purpose. Any person can be a leader as long as he or she understands the reason and responsibility behind occupying such role.

In the process of being a leader you should accept the fact that you would face many problems. Sometimes your own team might resist your ideas. Should you ignore them? Or consult them? The answer depends on the situation. It is not always wise to step on your team, to avoid listening and it is not always clever to listen all the time. You are a leader because you stood up, you are special and you are supposed to possess the skills that they do not have.

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