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Levels of Leadership

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Levels of Leadership

Leadership is ultimately a source of one’s skill which can be learned on a gradual basis in so much as it is the most valuable and rarest commodity in today’s society. In fact, leadership; when it is a point of investigation brings about three main criteria: “time, people and power”. These very criteria are essentially taken into the focus on the most part that distinguishes leadership management and its people as long as the notion “leadership” itself occurs at four major levels that are the focal point of the article.



The first level of leadership is position which is namely about rights. It sheds light on the status of a person within an organization when given the right to lead and to have people following commands, because they already have to. But in some cases, such leading position cannot make the person a real leader when followers would apparently give their leader less power, energy and focus.



The second level of leadership is about permission which takes us to talk about relationships. Unlike the first level where people follow the leader because they have to, the leader here constructs relationships with the concerned people via a range of contacts either in the real or virtual world.

To reach such level the leader should: listen attentively to his or her followers, observe their progress, communicate with them and evaluate their work, and treat them as being a leader not a boss.



Production is an important component of leadership which is linked to results. Obviously, when the leader starts helping the bottom line of the company, he or she gets attracts and gains credibility of his/her followers. Such aspect is what motivates the leader to display how productive he or she is, and how good he or she is at encouraging people to be productive.



The fourth level is called people development level. Specifically, the leader works to increase the capacity his or her people by helping them grow, who; In return, would increase the capacity of what their leader can do and accomplish. Generally speaking, such level is about recruitment, that is who one -as a leader- brings in and how they position them.

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