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Imperishable partnership

Aiming to provide intense training on the topics of Storytelling, Team management, sponsorship proposal, event management and event communication, a two-day workshop held during 1-2 February, 2020 at Univers StartUp Et Entrepreneur - Agadir Targeted the organizing committee Talents et Créatifs of their previous festival under the framework of ACT as a way of sustaining MasterPeace Morocco's support to Agadir's local youth.

The workshops were a combination of presentations, exercises and activities conducted by our experienced members at MasterPeace Morocco.

The first workshop conducted by our member, Ouissal Mchachti-Abekhti was devoted to the importance of team management and team work skills, and it touched upon key things that team managers and members need to do if their team is to thrive and succeed.

The second workshop conducted by our Chairman of ElMehdi Elbadaoui focused on creating effective sponsorship proposals, and how they should be multifaceted, creative and detailed.

The third workshop conducted by our member at MasterPeace Morocco Youness Elaariss emphasized the importance of a good and detailed event management plan and how to make it, a plan that complies with the rules and regulations set by the local authorities.

The fourth workshop conducted by our member at MasterPeace Morocco Salama Kabbaji highlighted effective event communication strategies to engage attendees and successfully accomplish any event’s tasks.

About ACT: Artist Creates Together:

ACT project -Artists Create Together- a MasterPeace global concept that uses art to transform local communities toward inclusive societies. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, that will take place in 5 different countries; Morocco, Netherlands Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, and Georgia.

Our concept has 4 building blocks of Musical Concerts, Walls of Connection (street art visualization), Storytelling and Summits with an inclusive approach of involving marginalized groups as an active part of the project. The four blocks aim to inspire and mobilize youngsters, allowing them to express their frustration and desires in a complex context and give them the necessary tools for a positive transformation.


Written by: Abderrahman Ezzafati

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