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A journey

We all tend to look for some sort of escape to flee forms of stress in our lives, whether it's through verbalizing our feelings by dint of art or a hobby, on one hand. On the other hand, we, as human beings, long to throng in a community, we aspire to seal an


Imperishable partnership

Aiming to provide intense training on the topics of Storytelling, Team management, sponsorshi


Digitalization for an Africonnected

Every day, we are striving to create perfect places and; we understand that there are numerous challenges that may rise from achieving this goal from meeting customer and staff expectations, ensuring security and safety of people and achieving demanding sustai


ACT: Music Above Fighting

MasterPeace’s ACT! created a musical bridge spanning all the way from the mountains of Georgia's capital all the way down the valley’s of the anti-atlas heights where tunes from the two countries to join the growing grassroots anthem, like a